Closer (Halsey – The Chainsmokers) – (Hợp Âm) – Điệu Ballad


Đổi tông

Tone gốc [C#] – Capo 1

Intro: [C] [D] [Em] [D]
[C] Hey, I [D] was doing just [Em] fine just before I met you [D]
I drank too [C] much and that’s an issue [D] but I’m [Em] okay [D]
[C] Hey, [D] you tell your [Em] friends it was nice to meet [D] them
But I [C] hope I never [D] see them [Em] again. [D]
[C] …I know it breaks [D] your heart
[Em] Moved to the city in a broke [D] down car and
[C] …Four years, no [D] calls
[Em] Now you’re looking pretty in a [D] hotel bar and
[C] I [D] can’t [Em] stop [D]
No, [C] I [D] can’t [Em] stop. [D]
So [C] baby pull me [D] closer in the [Em] backseat of your [D] Rover
That I [C] know you can’t [D] afford
Bite that [Em] tattoo on your [D] shoulder
Pull the [C] sheets right off the [D] corner
Of the [Em] mattress that you [D] stole
From your [C] roommate back in [D] Boulder
We ain’t [Em] ever getting [D] older.
[C] [D] [Em] [D]
[C] … [D] ..We [Em] ain’t ever getting [D] older
[C] [D] [Em] [D]
[C] … [D] ..We [Em] ain’t ever getting [D] older.
2. [C] You, [D] look as the [Em] good as the day as I met [D] you
I [C] forget just why I [D] left you, I was [Em] insane [D]
[C] Stay, [D] and play that [Em] Blink-182 [D] song
That we [C] beat to death in [D] Tuscon, [Em] okay. [D]


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