I Won’t Give Up (Jason Mraz) – (Hợp Âm) – Điệu Valse


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Đổi tông

Không Capo

Capo on 2nd
When I look into [G] your [D] eyes
It’s like watching the [G] night [D] sky
Or a beautiful [G] sunrise [D]
There’s so much they [A] hold
And just like them [G] old [D] stars
I see that you’ve come [G] so [D] far
To be right where [G] you [D] are
How old is your [A] soul?
I won’t give [G] up on [D] us
Even if the [Bm] skies [A] get rough
I’m giving you [G] all my [D] love
I’m still looking [A] up
And when you’re needing [G] your [D] space
To do some [G] navigating [D]
I’ll be here [G] patiently [D] waiting
To see what you [A] find
‘Cause even the [G] stars they [D] burn
Some even [Bm] fall to [A] the earth
We’ve got a [G] lot to [D] learn
God knows we’re worth [A] it
No, I won’t give [G] up
I don’t [G] wanna be someone who [G] walks away so [G] easily
I’m here to [G] stay and
make the difference that [A] I can make
Our [G] differ ences they do [G] a
lot to teach us how [G] to use
The tools and gifts we [G] got
yeah, we got a lot at [A] stake
And in the [C] end, you’re still [C] my
friend at least we did intend
For us to [C] work we didn’t break, we didn’t burn
[A] We had to learn [A] how to bend
[A] without the world caving in
[C] I had to learn [C] what I’ve got, [C] and what I’m not
And who I [Am] am

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