November Rain (Guns N’ Roses) – (Hợp Âm) – Điệu Boston


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Đổi tông

Capo 2

[C] When I look into your [Am] eyes
I can see a love [G] restrained
[C] But darling when I [Am] hold you
Don’t you know I feel [G] the same
[Am] Cause nothin’ last [D] forever
And we both know hearts [G] can change
[Am] And it’s hard to hold a [D] candle
In the cold november [G] rain
[C] We’ve been through [Am] this such a long, long time
Just tryin’ to kill [G] the pain, oh yeah
[C] But lovers always come and lovers always go
[Am] And no one’s really sure who’s lettin’ go [G] today
Walkin’ away
[C] If we could take the time to lay it on the line
[Am] I could rest my head
Just knowin’ that [G] you were mine
All mine
[Am] So if you want to love [D] me
Then darlin’ don’t [G] refrain
[Am] Or I’ll just end up [D] walkin’
In the cold november [G] rain
[C] Do you need sometime [D] on your own?
[C] Do you need sometime [D] all alone?
[C] Everybody needs [D] sometime on their own
[C] Don’t you know you [D] need sometime all alone
[Bm] I [C] know it’s hard to keep [G] and open heart
[Bm] [C] When even friends seem [Am] out to harm you
[Bm] But [C] if you could heal a [G] broken heart
[Bm] [C] Wouldn’t time be out to [D] charm you
[C] Sometimes I need [D] sometime on my own
[C] Sometimes I need [D] sometime all alone
[C] Everybody needs [D] sometime on their own
[C] Don’t you know you [D] need sometime all alone
[C] And when your fears [Am] subside
And shadows still [G] remains, oh yeah
[C] I know that you can [Am] love me
When there’s no one [G] left to blame
[Am] So never mind the [D] darkness
We still can find a [G] way
[Am] Cause nothin’ lasts [D] forever
Even cold november [G] rain

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