Only Love (Trademark) – (Hợp Âm) – Điệu Ballad


Đổi tông

Capo 4

[Am] 2 A [F] M and the [C] rain is [G] falling
[Am] Here we [F] are at the [G] crossroads once [C] again
You’re [F] telling me you’re so [G] confused
You [Em] can’t make up your [Am] mind
Is this [F] meant to be
You’re [G] asking me
Chorus –
But only [F] love can [G] say – [Em] try again or walk [Am] away
But [F] I believe for [G] you and me
The [E] sun will shine [Am] one day
So I’ll just [F] play my [G] part
And [Em] pray you’ll have a change of [Am] heart
[F] But I can’t make you see it through
[G] That’s something only love can [Am] do
In your [F] arms as the [C] dawn is [G] breaking
[Am] Face to [F] face and a [G] thousand miles [C] apart
I’ve [F] tried my best to [G] make you see
There’s [Em] hope beyond the [Am] pain
If we [F] give enough, if we [G] learn to trust
[Dm] I know if I [G] could find the words
To [Em] touch you deep [Am] inside
You’d [F] give our dream just one more chance
Don’t let this [G] be our last good-bye
[G] That’s something only love can [C] do


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