The Truth Untold (Eng Ver.) (BTS) – (Hợp Âm) – Điệu Ballad


Đổi tông

Tone [C#m]

[C#m] Found myself tied and bounded
[G#m] In this beautiful garden
[A] Alone and disheartened Hmmm
[E] I saw you making [F#m] your way through the trees [A]
[C#m] Can you tell me your name please?
[G#m] Do you have a place to be?
[A] Oh could you tell me? Hmmm
[E] I wish that you could [F#m] be right next to me [A]
And [A] I know my [C#m] heart beats
[B] When I am feeling all you heat
[B] Radiating over me
[A] I want to hold [C#m] your [B] hand [B]
But this is my fate[E]
Don’t smile on me [G#] light on me[A]
Don’t call my name [A]
cause I don’t wanna fall at all[E]
Please don’t make me [G#] put up all these walls[A]
You know that I can’t[E]
Show you me [G#] give you me[A]
Once again I [A] put on a mask so you won’t [C#m] see
How devastating [G#m] I am underneath[A]
But [A] I still want you
[C#m] In this garden of ours
[G#m] Saw a beautiful flower
[A] I wanted to give ya Hmmm
Once [E] I am brave enough to take off this mask[A]
But I [A] know I must [C#m] hide
[B] Can’t show you who I really am
[B] Afraid that you won’t understand
[A] How bad [C#m] I am [B] inside[B]
Now I’m torn apart [E]
Will you fade? I’m so afraid[A]
That you will leave me once [A] more in the very end[E]
So I’ll put on a mask to see you again[A]
All that I can do[E]
On planet earth this universe
Is to plant a flower that resembles you
And live my life the [G#m] way you wanted me [A] to
But I still want you [C#m] ~[G#m] ~[A]
I still want you [C#m] ~[G#m] ~[A]
And maybe back then[E]
Even if [G#] the chance was slim[A]
If I was brave [A] enough to show you who I am[E]
Would everything be [G#] different once again?[A]
I’m drowning in tears[E]
Recklessly [G#] helplessly[A]
Looking at the broken mask [A] in front of [C#m] me
I’m all alone [G#m] fallen in defeat[A]
[A] And I still want you
[E] ~[G#] ~[A] But I still want you
[E] ~[G#] ~[A] But I still want you
[C#m] ~[G#m] ~[A] I still want you


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