Top Of The World (The Carpenters) – (Hợp Âm) – Điệu Ballad


Đổi tông

Không Capo

[C] Such a feelin’s [G] comin’ [F] over [C] me
There is [Em] wonder in most [Dm] every [G] thing I [C] see….[C]
Not a [F] cloud in the [G] sky
Got the sun [Em] in my [A] eyes
And I [Dm] …won’t be surp[Fm] rised if it’s a [G] dream…..[G]
[C] Everything I [G] want the [F] world to [C] be
Is now [Em] coming true es[Dm] pecial[G] ly for [C] me
And the [F] reason is clear..[G]
It’s be[Em] cause you are [A] here
You’re the [Dm] nearest thing to [Fm] heaven that I’ve [G] seen
I’m on the [C] top of the [C] world lookin’ [F] ….down on creation
And the [C] only expla[Dm] nation [G] I can [C] find….[C]
Is the [F] love that I’ve [G] found ever [C] since you’ve been a[F] round
Your love’s [C] put me at the [Dm] top [G] of the [C] world…..[C]
[C] Something in the [G] wind has [F] learned my [C] name
And it’s [Em] tellin’ me that [Dm] things are [G] not the [C] same
In the [F] leaves on the [G] trees
And the [Em] touch of the [A] breeze
There’s a [Dm] pleasin’ sense of [Fm] happiness for [G] me_____[G]
[C] There is only [G] one wish [F] on my [C] mind
When this [Em] day is through I [Dm] hope that [G] I will [C] find
That to[F] morrow will [G] be
Just the [Em] same for you and [A] me
All I [Dm] need will be [Fm] mine if you are [G] here_____[G]


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